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Mar 30, 2011 11:00pm EDT
to do to stop the current situation. >> how will japan's nuclear disaster impact us here? a team of experts reveal radiation findings and tell us if our nuclear plants need change. >>> plus, topper is tracking another round of cold rain and snow. >>> also, how apathy can kill. a crowd of metro riders ignore a man lying unconscious on the ground choosing to step over him rather than help. >> this is 9news now. >>> from the disaster in japan to the unrest in libya, america is there to help. >> most of the time but right here in our own country we see time and again examples of unconcerned selfishness. people ignoring people in pain, distress, even dying. now a recent tragedy here in washington has many wondering. are folks just too busy to care? only on 9 we talked to a man who says a life could have been saved if more people were willing to help. >> reporter: imagine going about your routine commute on the metro and you come across a man collapsed on the ground except no one is stopping to help. that's exactly what one man says happened here this this metro station. >> people did
Mar 21, 2011 11:00pm EDT
on now to the latest on the disaster in japan. the containment structures at three nuclear reactors are holding as emergency crews work to reconnect power lines to the plant. the uss george washington left the port to save itself from being radioactive. meanwhile the body of a virginia teacher killed in the quake has now been fact. the first confirmed u.s. casuality. the death toll now at more than 8600 with more than 13,000 people missing. the damage from the double disaster is now totalling upwards of 235 million. japan is going to need at least five years to rebuild. >>> in the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami in japan, americans ask why is there no looting? >> let's be real. there is some looting in japan. but certainly not much when you think about the enormity of the disaster. and that is because the japanese people do tend to follow the rules and to cooperate. this is according to a #3r0e fess sore who is -- process sore who is an expert -- professor who is an expert. if everybody is patient enough, the government will handle it. the problem is, this particular japanes
Mar 26, 2011 12:00am EDT
nuclear plant in japan are getting worse. gary has more on the remarkable radiation levels that burned some workers and raised fears about the danger. >> here's the reason for the worry. workers at the plant stepped in water containing 10,000 times the normal radiation level and got burned and hospitalized. officials fear this explosion at the plant three days after the earthquake might have cracked the reactor itself, leading to that leaking radioactive water. >> we can't tell. it is one of the possibilities. >> japan expanded the evacuation zone from 12 to 19 miles. the prime minister called the nuclear crisis severe and grave. >> we are not in a position where we can be optimistic. >> even there is no explosion of nuclear fuel. >> you can have this being worse, because even though the releases are less, they are spread among a population that is much denser. >>> silver spring, cindy folkers says it's not just people getting sick. >> they have a question of where they grow food that is not contaminated and harvested where it is not contaminated. >> human beings have to act qui
Mar 27, 2011 11:00pm EDT
earthquake hit japan this time a 6.5 quake shook the eastern portion of that country briefly prompting yet another tsunami alert. meantime high radiation readings are complicating the job cooling down those overheating reactors at a crippled japanese nuclear plant. radiation levels 100,000 times what's considered normal have been detected and the air contains four more times than what is considered safe. american troops continue to deliver necessities of the residents of the affected regions. >> we were asked if we could get some emergency vehicles or utility-type vehicles over here to help the people on this island that are isolated right now. they don't have any food, water, power, things like that and these vehicles can come over here and restore some of the power and some of the infrastructure. >> marines brought some 3000 meals along with hygiene kits and bottled water to the stranded islands for residents. >>> nato is taking control of libya tonight. international air strikes forced moammar gadhafi forces to actually fall back. here is the latest tonight. >> reporter: coalition force
Mar 25, 2011 12:00am EDT
arab emirate have agreed to committ their airplanes to the mission. >>> new tonight, japan's police agency says the death toll from this months earthquake and tsunami has topped the 10,000 mark. 17, 500 people still missing. it's hard to imagine this. it seems there is little hope of finding any of them alive. meanwhile, the radiation from the nuclear plant is also spreading. japanese scientists found concentrations of radioactive iodine in sea water 18 miles from land. before the radiation levels in tap water in tokyo, officials say they have now dropped enough for babies to be safely able to drink it. >>> still ahead, a tornado rips through pennsylvania leaving a trail of destruction and tears the roof off a school. >>> plus, an astounding fire causes all kinds of problems at miami international airport. that coming up. topper? >>> temperatures today were about 15 degrees below average. here is your wake up weather, treat it like a winter day. grab your sunglasses but grab a heavy coat. upper 20s to mid 30s by 5:00 for the early birds and mid 20s to mid 30s by 7:00 and still in th
Mar 28, 2011 11:00pm EDT
workers at the damaged plant in japan are delicately trying to pump in some new water hoping to cool down the reactor core. but that only creates a second problem. that is finding a place to store the contaminated water. the good news, officials say some of the plutonium collected in soil around the plant is apparently not new. it may be weeks before the plant is stabilized and it may be years before they can clean up all of the contamination at the complex. >>> in tonight's health alert, 'tis the season for allergies. april is typically the start of our spring allergy season. but it's not just the great outdoors that pose a problem. there are plenty of irritants lurking right inside our homes and these indoor allergens often hide where you would least expect them. kerry expects her allergies to flare up outside but not indoors. >> my throat was hurting me and i was getting a lot of pressure in here and bad headaches. >> reporter: the culprit were dust mites inside her house, and they lurk where a lot of us seek comfort. >> any woven material is a breeding ground for the dust bites. that
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)